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Welcome to the Holcombe Rogus village website.  We are a small, friendly community of about 500 people situated on the Devon-Somerset border in a beautiful rural location close to the Blackdown Hills.  If you live in Holcombe Rogus or are thinking of visiting us then this site is for you. Our most notable landmark is the privately-owned Holcombe Court, possibly the finest Tudor house in England, situated next to the fine Medieval church. We also have a thriving pub, The Prince of Wales, a Primary School, Post Office and a small shop and garage. Nearby attractions include the Grand Western Canal and National Trust properties Knightshayes Court and Killerton.

A website for the Holcombe Rogus community

I want to include as much information as possible about what's going on in and around the village. If you live here and have something you'd like to share, you can open a contact form by clicking the tab on the left or send me an email at webmaster@holcombe-rogus.info. You can also keep up to date by following us on Twitter @HolcombeRogus. I will be tweeting every time I add something new to the site so you need never be out of touch with what's happening. Richard Hussey, Webmaster

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21 thoughts on “Welcome to Holcombe Rogus

    • Hi Megan,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m happy to include the school newsletter and to post anything of interest from community groups.


    • It’s a WordPress site with an installed theme (one of the free ones). These are not hard to set up if you have reasonable IT skills.

  1. Holcombe Rogus gives one hope for the future and survival of mankind. Peaceful and serene. One might expect to round the corner of 16th street and bump into Margaret Rutherford. Also notable is the exceptional British painter Tim Hayward. I would certainly live in this enchanted village if I could.

    Eldon Slick –
    Rabbit Run Ranch
    TUCSON, Arizona Territory.

  2. It’s great to see comments from far and wide…Tuscon, Arizona no less. Also good to hear that the reputation of Tim Hayward goes beyond national boundaries to global status.

  3. Hello I am commenting on behalf of my granddad, (Freddie browne) who was an ex evacuee for three and a half years he lived in steers house with miss Brewer. He went to school and was first taught by a miss berry until he moved on to a bigger school in the village and was taught by miss robins. A close friend of his in the village was John Curslake who had the garage, he also sang in the church choir regularly. He often talks about his experiences in Holcombe Rogus, as it is a very special place to him.

  4. Hello folks!

    I’m tracing my family tree. I thought I was Welsh-Irish but half of the Welsh side had its roots in Somerset and Devon.

    I have just got back as far as Moses Chorley who married Amy or Amiah Sanders (or Saunders) in St Peters Exeter Cathedral 14 September 1722. Their residence was given as Holcombe Rogus.

    They had a son, also Moses. Their grandson William Chorley was a publican at The Rock House Inn, Waterrow, Chipstable, Somerset, and William’s daughter Sarah Chorley married Robert Jones…

  5. Hello my name is paula Rowley, I am the granddaughter of Charlie and Amy Broomfield who used to live at 48 the Twitchen cottages, my grandad used to do the fire in the Prince of Wales Inn (pub). He as my grandma have passed away now my granddad charlie, is laid to rest in the church in the village my mum passed away nearly four yrs ago now and is also with my grandfather, I was hoping to come vists them soon in fact in a about 4/5 weeks time and would like to know if there is a b&b or a hotel in the village, to stay for 2 or 3 nights. I spent so many good days there when I was a youngster, I miss it so much . Thankyou
    Pauline. So my aunt you phiylis helped in the post office that was and my uncle jack lived just down Rd from grandad.
    Thankyou yourso hopefully paula Rowley.

  6. Is there any books on Holcombe ancestry that can be purchased and sent to Canada. The Holcombes Devon Village. Please let me know by email

  7. Hello there, my name is Julia and my parents lived in the village many years ago, in ‘April Cottage’. They had neighbours John and Veronica Howell, JOHN was an artist who painted old aircraft pictures but also painted a beautiful picture of Holcombe Court. Veronica wasn’t well and they decided to move to Sidmouth. When they left, JOHN gave my parents two paintings, one of which was the one of Holcombe Court. He has written a personal message on the back of the picture to my parents Tony and Olive Pellow. That message is dated 1985. Sadly due to my parents’ deaths, I have the painting of Holcombe Court. I’m happy for anyone to contact me about this painting.

  8. Hi

    My great Grandfather lived in the village before WW1 and I believed that he resided there after the war on his return from the trenches before moving to wellington, just down the road.

    I have recently been given his medals form the great war, He was a war hero with a medal for bravery in the field i.e. Military Medal MM and he was also mentioned in despatches MiD for another act of bravery not quite enough to warrant another bravery award. I am at the moment having his medals cleaned and mounted. But we do not have a photograph to add.

    So my question to you guys is would there of been a paper photograph taken in the village on his return from WW1 or any articles locally that I could use.

    He was Sgt Samuel John Harper

    Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Simon Harper



  9. Hello
    I am trying to trace a young French man who I was helping to navigate to your village on the night of Wednesday 27th June at Rownhams services on the M27. I don’t know his name and unfortunately he has left his mobile phone in my car. If you know any French people in your village, it may be possible that they know him. His phone is locked so I cannot get his address. I am sure he would like to have it back. If you can help in any way, I would be most grateful.

  10. Result!
    I have been contacted and the young man’s phone is now on its way back to him. Never underestimate the power of communication and thanks to Richard Hussey and Andrew Gabriel.

  11. I recently visi6England for the first time and was in London. We were not in England long enough to make to trip up to Holcombe village. I’m a direct descendant and am planning to return just to visit my origins. Feel alot of personal connection there and look forward to going and see the greatness of the area. Feel free to contact me onFacebook, love to meet any relatives.


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