All Saints’ Parish Church

All Saints', Holcombe Rogus, is a friendly parish church, part of the Sampford Peverell Team Ministry. Services are held each Sunday (6.30 first and third Sundays, 11a.m. second and fourth Sundays) . More information about the Samford Peverell Team Mission Fancy giving bell-ringing a try? The circle meets on Wednesday evenings at the church from 7.30. More information from Peter Costema.  

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8 thoughts on “All Saints’ Parish Church

  1. Dear Sir or Madam

    I have just found this site and left a message on it , re Family Agland .

    I will need to check back on my tree to find out if any of my ancestors were married in your Church , I reckon so, though .

    Any Aglands IN YOUR PARISH who would like to contact me via this site , would be pleased to hear from them . Share info I have of Family .
    Also , Ashbrittle .

    Good Luck to All , Best wishes , Dave

    • hi my great great grandfather married an Eliza Mary Agland b1844 – d1903 just wondering if you were connected in any way.
      many thanx Brian Needs.

  2. Hi! I’m very interested in the Bluett family history / genealogy of Holcombe Rogus. Based on a few birth certificates and census data, it seems my great great grandfather was the Bluett (Peter Frederick) who sold Holcombe Court. Would love to know how to find out more and access any useful local archives, but from NZ I’m not entirely sure how…. if anyone can help, I’d be very grateful. Regards, Petra

    • Hi Petra….It would appear that you and I are descendants of the same Bluett generation, the last to live in Holcombe Court. My great great grandfather was RCP Bluett , I believe the youngest in the family and who went into the Anglican ministery . His son Robert migrated to Australia in 1840.

      My understanding is that the eldest son in the family , Peter,inherited but was in such a bad way with gambling debts having joined a “smart crowd” associated with the Prince Regent, he was forced to sell.

      I have always understood another Bluett relative migrated to Australia or NZ at the same period.

      • Hi Beresford – I too am a Bluett descendant. My great grandfather Federick Bluett may well be a brother of yours – sadly I don’t have a family tree. I understand it was his father who had to sell Holcombe. My great grandfather went to Argentina in 1878 after doing an engineering apprenticeship. He was involved in building the railway network in Argentina. I was born there, now live in the UK but do visit Argentina where I have Bluett cousins.
        Would be great to hear from you.

    • Hi Petra – my name is Carol and it seems we have the same great great grandfather! Please email me as not enough room here!
      Where in NZ are you? We have a daughter who married a Kiwi down in Queenstown on the South Island. We go out there every 12/18 months from the UK. Would be fun to meet up and look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Petra – did you get my email address? I have so much information to share with you.
    I am tomorrow going to visit Holcombe Rogus church!!
    Really hope to hear back from you. Carol

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